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"I am so sorry that your "friends" encouraged you back into drugs. It is always going to be difficult for you to stay away from taking drugs whilst you put yourself in a drug taking society of friends. A clean break from drugs will only be possible when you change that part of your social life." - David

DATE: Sunday 19th August 2001 (2 weeks later)

QUESTION: Last weekend was a three-day holiday because of Mother's Day. Your parents were away and I was away. You were left home alone for one night. At that point you had quit from drugs for about 5 weeks. We all thought you could survive for just one night. Now, one week later you are in drug rehab. What went wrong? Tell me what happened from the start.

GOR: Well, I was home alone last Saturday. I went to my friend's house. We had a small party and there were drugs there too. All of my friends did it. They took amphetamine. I alone didn't take any because I had quit it. But, in the end I took some because everyone else was doing it. I thought I could just take one and then quit it. But, I was wrong. Once I started I couldn't stop.

QUESTION: I don't think there is any need for me to comment on that. What I want to know now is how long did you stop yourself that night before you gave in to drugs?

GOR: Quite long. About two or three hours. I just sat there at first smoking and drinking while they took drugs. Then I couldn't stop myself. That night we didn't sleep at all because we were taking drugs. Then again Sunday.

QUESTION: I rang you on Saturday night from Kanchanaburi at about 9 p.m. to make sure everything was alright. You said your were sleepy and were thinking about going home. Had you started at that time?

GOR: No, it was much later.

QUESTION: What drugs were you taking?

GOR: Amphetamine.

QUESTION: Did you smoke any marijuana?

GOR: No. Only amphetamine. I prefer that more than marijuana.


GOR: I like how I take it and how I feel after.

QUESTION: How many pills did you smoke?

GOR: We were sharing but I think myself I used 10 pills those two days.

QUESTION: Your parents came back Sunday, where were you then?

GOR: I am not sure. I forgot.

QUESTION: What happened when you met them?

GOR: Nothing, they didn't know.

QUESTION: Monday was a holiday too. Did you take drugs then too?

GOR: Yes, nearly all day. I couldn't stop myself. I also wasn't sleeping much.

QUESTION: Tuesday night, did your parents notice anything yet?

GOR: No, they didn't say anything.

QUESTION: I think after three days you would have lost a lot of weight and looked exhausted from lack of sleep. I haven't seen you for a week but you are very very thin and your face is covered in spots.

GOR: Maybe they did notice something but decided not to say anything to me.

QUESTION: OK. On Tuesday I was expecting you to come to work on your web site. But you didn't come. And then again on Wednesday. What happened?

GOR: I was too scared to tell you. I knew you would be disappointed in me.

QUESTION: When did your parents find out?

GOR: On Tuesday I couldn't concentrate in class and I was very tired. I had taken amphetamine on Monday night and I was awake all night. The teacher saw me sleeping and guessed what I had been doing. So, she telephoned my parents and asked them to come to school. When I got back home they said the teacher wanted me to go to drug rehab. I said "OK, when?" At first my mum said "tomorrow" but I asked her if I could wait just one more day. I said I wasn't ready.

QUESTION: At that time did you know what to expect when you arrived here at drug rehab?

GOR: I didn't really know anything. But when I first arrived I met one of my friends here and he said that it was comfortable but there wasn't much to do.

QUESTION: Were you scared about going to the drug rehab in the police station?

GOR: No, not really because I came with another of my friends.

QUESTION: Who brought you here last Thursday?

GOR: My dad, mum and my girlfriend.

QUESTION: Did she take the day off school?

GOR: Yes.

QUESTION: Did they stay all afternoon.

GOR: No, only for a short time.

QUESTION: OK. It is now Sunday and you have been here for three days. Has every day been the same? Week day and weekend?

GOR: Yes, same kind of stuff every day.

QUESTION: Can you now give me an idea of daily life in this drug rehab. From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

GOR: We always wake up at 6 a.m. to clean the parade ground and clean the room where we sleep. Then at about 8 a.m. we line up in front of the flag pole to sing the national anthem. After that we go to eat. We can then do anything we like all day. We can play computer or play station.

QUESTION: Where? Inside here?

GOR: No, outside. We can go outside anytime we like. We can walk down as far as the main road. But we must come back at the end of the day. If not they put us in the cell at the end of the sleeping room. They make you stay there for five days.

QUESTION: So, you can go to any of the shops on this road? Are you allowed to have money?

GOR: Yes, my mum gave them some money and then they give me no more than 100 baht per day (about $2).

QUESTION: What are you doing with the money?

GOR: Mainly eating and smoking.

QUESTION: You are allowed to smoke?

GOR: Yes.

QUESTION: How much are you smoking now?

GOR: About one pack a day.

QUESTION: What else do you do?

GOR: I spend most of the time here sleeping or chatting with my friends.

QUESTION: When you said you spend money on food, don't they feed you?

GOR: Yes, but sometimes we don't like it or it is not enough.

QUESTION: How often do they feed you?

GOR: Three times a day.

QUESTION: What happens in the evening?

GOR: They count us before we eat at 6 p.m. Then after that we can do anything we like.

QUESTION: Can you go back out?

GOR: Yes. We can do anything we like.

QUESTION: Do they count you again later?

GOR: No. No-one is going to try and run away if that is what you mean.

QUESTION: Is everyone here by their own choice or were some people made to come here?

GOR: It was their idea to be here.

QUESTION: So, the people in that cell at the end of your room, why are they there?

GOR: They didn't do good. I am not sure. Maybe they did something bad or were lazy about cleaning the room. They only have to stay there for one day.

QUESTION: To me it looks like you are in a holiday camp because you are here with your friends and you don't have any hard work to do.

GOR: Yes.

QUESTION: Are there any organised activities at all?

GOR: No.

QUESTION: So, is it like you are on holiday with your friends?

GOR: Yes, but the worst thing here is the medicine they make you take.

QUESTION: What medicine?

GOR: It is a medicine that makes you sick.

QUESTION: Why do you need that?

GOR: It will clear out the drugs in my body.

QUESTION: How often do you have to take that?

GOR: During the first 6 days we have to take it three times. My last time is tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that!

QUESTION: Does it make you sick straight away?

GOR: Yes. I drank it, I took 6 or 7 steps and then I was sick. You can see over there where I was sick.

QUESTION: What else is difficult here?

GOR: The only other bad thing is when we run out of money as we won't have anything to do. It is sometimes boring when there is nothing to do.

QUESTION: You said tomorrow is the last day for taking that medicine. I guess this week will just be a repeat of what you have done so far without the medicine. How much longer do you have to stay here?

GOR: At least 15 days. It is up to them and my parents. If they think I am ready they will let me go home.

QUESTION: Do you think after 15 days you will be better?

GOR: Yeah, for sure. Every time I think of that medicine they gave us I will feel sick.

QUESTION: Do you think that alone is enough to stop you?

GOR: Yes, yes. Really! If you don't believe me how bad it is then you can try the medicine.

QUESTION: What is going to happen when you go back?

GOR: I will go back to learn.

QUESTION: But, will you do like last time and skip school if you wake up a bit late?

GOR: No, no, no. I will quit drugs and everything will be better.

QUESTION: I don't want to sound pessimistic, but you had quit drugs for 6 weeks before but you still missed school once or twice a week.

GOR: That was because I wanted to be with my friends. But now, after these 15 days I am going to go back home and spend....I er... will try to be better.

QUESTION: But are you going to hang around with your friends again?

GOR: No, no, no. I will change OK?

QUESTION: OK. Well, I think that is enough for this week. Good luck.

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