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I write newsletter for the teenagers in different treatment centers in America. Could I use your story in the Newsletter? I think it could help other teens that are going through the same problem you did.

Many Thanks,

I am a 29 M in New York with eight years clean. I have been to Thailand before, but the people at meetings I went to were only farangs. Do Thais have meetings in their own language?
Is there a Thai translation of the Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text?
God really doesn’t want for us to let go of him, and there are so many things that just keep holding us back and keeping us from him. There is one thing that I do know and that is no matter what we do He will always be there waiting for us to come back to Him. This skit that I’m about to share with you was done at our church Palm Valley and it changed the life of my 16 year old daughter Lilian. She was the only one in my family that was not saved and didn’t have a relationship with God. I pray that it will inspire you to keep sharing it with everyone you meet, and it will inspire them to do the same. May GOD bless this message, and everyone who sees it.

It Doesn’t Matter What Other People Think About US...

It’s What Other People Think About GOD Because Of US ???
Just Remember That… GOD BLESS YOU… Ruben Vela

ß Click on the site below. ß
or cut and past
im a drug abuser.
the only thing i find hard with stopping smoking 'weed' is the need for sleep, i cant sleep without it!
what will help me sleep?
hey u good realize pretty earlier u will come out of it,there is lot more u have in ur life ,god bless u
Just wow... People like you give bad names to drug users... You don't do any research on anything, and probably just take other idiots advice for stuff. The weed is most DEFINATELY NOT what made you forget stuff. I think what you meant to say you were taking was "Xanax" not "Sainax" or whatever you tried to call it. Xanax is a benzodiazepine, these types of drugs are for anxiety, and helps relieve it by affecting the GABA receptors of your brain; just like alcohol. When under the influence of Xanax or other benzos (especialy LARGE amounts... like 4 pills for a more or less first time user) your brains memory center is actually impaired due to the drugs. When using large doses it is actually impaired to the point that it can not create new memories no matter what. This is why you couldn't remember stuff. Not to mention you were using cough medicine too! This means you probably consumed... Well, it's hard to say as I'm not sure where you live. But in the USA, the most common ingredient in cough medicines that gets you high (something that makes you feel drunk like you described...) Is DXM or (Dextromethorphan). Yes, this will make you feel drunk in the sense that it will make you slur your words and stumble around. It's actually a dissociative, sort of like PCP or Ketamine (Which are mostly used as animal tranquilizers...) This can be a NASTY substance to consume, and only about half of the people who have used it find it enjoyable recreationaly... In fact, I'd say much less then half. It is a dissociative, which means it makes you dissociate from your mind and body. People who take high enough doses of it can actually dissociate to the point where they are outside of their body, and can see it as if they were another person. I personally find it to be terribly wicked stuff. It's gross and makes people throw up quite often. Marijuana itself is actually VERY harmless in relativity to other drugs. There has never been one single documented death from Marijuana. Nor has there been any single documented case of a serious health problem causes by Marijuana. Not even any documented cases of lung cancer or other lung problems from it. It is considered the safest drug on the planet, even safer then almost ALL over the counter medicines like Tylenol (which in total, cause around 7,600 deaths per year, where as Marijuana causes 0; and has NEVER causes a single death directly). Amphetamines are FAR worse for you in MANY ways. There are plenty of known health problems and even direct and indirect deaths due to Amphetamines TERRIBLE effects. Although it may SEEM like your mind can work clearer on stimulats, this is actually not true. They alter and effect the way your mind thinks in strange ways, that seem non-existant (like you're thinking normaly and clearly) WHILE you're on them... other people can tell, and most people can tell after they come down they weren't thinking soundly. My advice would be to NEVER mix drugs you don't know ANYTHING about ever again. Don't take cough medicines without doing LOTS of research because TONS of kids, teenagers, and even some adults die every year from problems due to taking cough medicines. This is because the companies that make them put other things in them to prevent people from abusing them. But, since people are stupid and don't do research they don't realise how harmful these other things are until it's too late. In fact, some cough medicines can contain up to 4 other ingredients besides the DXM which is the only thing you want to consume to get high. That's a lot of extra stress and strain on your liver and kidney's, etc. Some of the other ingredients, like Chlorpheneramine Maleate, when overdoses on, can cause your internal organs to more or less liquify, and for you to bleed out of your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc... until you die a HORRIBLY painful death... MOST drugs are best avoided unless you know what you're doing with them. PLEASE be safe. Know your substance, know your source, and know yourself. Go to if you EVER need to find information aboout a substance. It has information about pretty much ANYONE you could think of.
m cain
please if any one needs help with getting off drugs or just to talk email me i have been a addict for over 20 yrs and im noe clean my email is
i do drugs,
and i enjoy it,.
my parents hate it,
but fuck , its the best.
i only do weed and hash now,
occasionly salvia,

rarely E speed and coke.

but i enjoy it, since getting high, and my friends are the only things i live for ahah
Kaitlyn, you are an idiot.
Im very proud of you i can understand your struggle i dont want to say been there dont that but its sort of like that
I was hopeing I could get a print out of the interview in Thai. My wife is addicted and has gone downhill severly.
She needs to read this! She is in rehab one month, but day later she is smoking again. I cant keep doing this anymore! We need some support!
Man, people make such a big deal about using. if you can control it, its fine. i can, iv been using oxycontin and weed for 2 years. im fuckign fine, and doing great. money gets tight sometimes for me, but everythign always works out in the end. im fucking 13 bitch, and i love life. i guess it depends on the person using, because i have seen many friends lose control. they get back up on their feet cause they are lucky.
lonely in lakeland
My husband is a crack addict, narcotic addict, and smokes weed 24 hours a day. I have been married to him for 28 years. The last 6 years have been hell. I used to live in a 300,000 home, had the best of everything. My daughter and son went through imbarassment and loss of a dad who used to be the best dad in the world. My husband pawned everything, all my jewelry,even a watch that was left to his son from his dad's grand dad. He took out loans on my home left to me from my parents and could not pay them. I lost my home. He is a burnt out sorry man. Thank God my two grown children saw this and learned how much you loose from drugs. This was only a drop of the hell drugs put my whole family through. I did not mention the physical abuse or the pain his mother and dad went through. By the way, he spent a yoear in rehab only to return to his addiction
cannabis charlie!!! :D let us smoke together!!!
hi guys love wot you've done with the place
yes as you've guessed im high as the sky<<<<<3........2...............1........... PUFF!!!
you have been down almost the identical path as me, ive been smoking skunk(a much more potent type of marajuana)almost everyday since 15 im 18 next week.
i spend roughly £20-£60 a day or 1000bahts - 3000bahts a day
im currently trying to give up and i wish to know if you have any advice on how to give up
this is god speaking. carry on taking drugs.

and remember...

luke is gay!!
hey guys i use drugs

go me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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