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I really enyoy reading your stroy
helen UK
my boyfriend had the same problem, its so hard watching some body you love going through that he was told to leave all his mates behind that wer in the same cycle and he did, luckily he has turned his life around like youself. he has a new job and completly new life. your story is moving and i hope all kids that read this will learn something, drugs are every were now i have tried them myself but got out before it went wrong.
hey its really good to hear people get off serious drugs but how do you know when your hooked? ive been on a 2 week party mode beucase everytime im straight lately i get really parinod and am depressed
Joihnny G
I struugeld getting Clean for 24 years And Im pround to say as of today makes day 662 Thank GOD for NA and people like you that share thier expreince strength and Hope keep on the Path your my friend and Addict family member from around the world.
i can relate to your problem. I have been doing meth for about a year. On may 3 2007 i over dosed on meth. I had a heart beat of 167. I almost died. i went to a safehouse for help they are helping me with problems.
bAbYLiCoUs lOvE gOr\'s.....
i\'m so hepy n glad about all story about gor\'s... but i\'m so sad when gor\'s involved from drug addict...but i\'m so glad when his want stop thinking about drug somtimes..his knows what his doing but his somtimes lose control... but i\'m glad with him..... hope always hepy...
p boy
It\'s drugs, If you do it, you\'ll be hooked.
I was addicted to it for a while, but I was always carefull with it. Don\'t over do drugs.
It was because of my biology assignment that I got to know about his story. Sincerely, your website is of very good benefits to my assignment. Thanks! Stay healthy and be strong! GOD BLESS!!!
hey, your story was so sad painful. i have an older brother who used to do drugs then beat me up all night long. it was hard but now he\'s stopping. hope you\'re better and i\'ll be praying for you! :)
yemeni british
thats actually a very good story! i have used it in my presentation in school and it was great1 everybody loved and felt sorry for you! i also got a pass! thanks a lot mate! luvya!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
well i have a friend who likes to pop pills becuase she says that it takes the pain away i like the story tho it was cool i guess have a wonderful day
that was a really inspiring story, i am currently stuck in a tough addiction and also trying to overcome it. congradulations..and thankyou
heyy everyone... i wanted to say that i have been addicted to drugs since i was 13 years old i am now 17. i have tryed to quit numorous times and it just isnt workin out. after reading all of these storys really hits home to me. i wanted to thank you all for your storys it give me confidence that i can quit.
congratulations!!!! you did the right thing!! have a nice life!
I just want to say that your website has not only helped addicts but people like me who was trying to deal with an addict! I have learned alot about addiction and what goes through an addicts mind. Keep up the good work. My friend has been clean for two months now.... we are trying to do new activities to keep him busy and peak interests in new things that are fun and show him he can have so much more fun and feel so much better everyday!
hi there, i tought that a person will never become cean from drug.congrate 2 u for being able to overcome it!!!
Congratulations you won that battle, I\'m trying to help a friend, and after 10 years he is still doing it. He has been on and off, went to rehab to 3 months, he looses all the jobs.
-i was so amazed by your story. i decided to make it as my case study in our school. i know that you\'ve also inspired other people. keep it up..
Hey I didn\'t know that quitting drug was possible but you proved it,good job!
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