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go jordan i think you rock!!!
yeah lets buy some drugs!!!!
druges are us!!!!
h aand d and s are so awesome!!!
ur ace =]
i love you !!!
go druggies !!!
stop drugs
^^^important message^^^
druggies are awesome.
i love you.
drugys r us!!!
i love drugs!!!
okay for you still using,STOP,I promise life with out drugs is great, first of all you have all this extra money and then your face starts to change, younger healthier,clear and clean looking, you will see yourself age backwards, new friends ,new joys, I promise I promise life is great, I know anyone still using thinks it is impossible but it is not, I am so happy now almost 2 years off meth and wow, I feel like I did before I started, and yes you will gain weight but that is a small price to pay and I wear my extra 18 pounds with pride, yes I miss the great body but I still look good and who needs a great body with a sucked up face? not me, get clean and you will feel so great, for those of you who are clean smile for me and I will smile for you and let's try to get one person clean with our positive comments , peace out
na is a lie
you do not need n/a it is a lie and not needed,I did crank then meth for over 15 years and I stopped because I landed in jail, and God set me free and the love of my family, I found strength in living my life filled with love and I have never been to even one meeting , I do not feel the need to humiliate myself and show how stupid I was or talk or listen to people talk about drugs and how much they did or how it messed up their life, anyone doing drugs shows the world how stupid they are in their daily life, no car no new clothes,no social activities, dark circles under eyes , we know how to spot a addict if we were once one,I think programs like that are just another form of addiction, I can run my own life with the help of God not some make believe higher power, if you don't have the strenght to say God's name , how can you get a grip on your life, anyone reading this who is still doing drugs,listen you can do it at home in private, quit I mean, just take a good look at your self your kids or the one who loves you then ask God to help you and that is it, DONE AND DONE, no programs no telling anyone yours story, what is important is you stop ,GOD BLESS ,AND MAY WE ALL STAY BLESSED
I have been clean off drugs for over 2 years. This site is really good and i'm inspired by the support that you have here.
I got clean off drugs at the age of 23, I have travelled the world and lived in Thailand for the first year of my recovery. If there is anyone out there who wants to get clean I suggest Narcotics Anonymous..there are meetings all over the world, and if there isn't one start one our attend an AA meeting. I lived in the north of thailand and there were amazing I promise you...there is hope.
At NA they don't judge me by my age or my past, they want to help me, one day at a time.
I used to be a crazy punk I drank smoked pot, took mushrooms, ectasy, cocaine, poppers, nitrous oxide, anything to change how i felt.
thanks once again,
if you need help seach NA narcotics anonymous.... my life is peaceful today.
thanks for love and support and good luck to all of you out there, curbing addiction is though....but it is a journey worth taking.
hey im a drug ueser myself im high right now and im in school my friends say that i smoke to much but i dont think so i also drink do coke and pop pills but w/e i dont plan on stopping anytime soon
Shan [UK]
I am living in hell and don't know where to turn. I do not do drugs and do not even smoke but my 18 year old daughter does and she has no idea what she is doing to herself and to those who love her - me, my husband, her older brother and her 2 younger siblings. She was doing weed for about 3 years and during that time she changed from a loving, happy, helpful young girl into a moody lazy selfish brat. She had decent friends who tried to help her but to no avail. Eventually after the umpteenth confrontation with her I slapped her [the first time] and told her to get out [tough love treatment]. She got housed by the council and is now living with a cocaine addict and is loving her independence. We became friends again and are pretty close and she assured me that she would never touch crack or heroin ie the hard stuff. She did admit that she was taking speed but said that it was not affecting her in a bad way. She has a support worker who stays at her house sometimes. I met her support worker and wanted to tell her that my daughter is taking drugs but she told me that she can only talk to me privately with my daughter's permission, which of course I don't have. I hadn't realised just how bad her drug taking is though until 2 days ago when her older brother brought her back to our house to try and sober her up. She was completely spaced out, just staring, couldn't speak, was frothing at the mouth. Her brother knew she had been in this state for a good number of hours and he tried to hide it from me. When I found out and it was clear that she was not recovering we called an ambulance. In hospital, on a drip, she finally recovered, almost 24 hours later. I stayed with her most of the time nursing her back to health. She came back to our house for about an hour and I begged her to come home to get her away from her housemate. She won't. She says she will continue taking speed cos it is helping her to lose weight but that she will be careful in future what drugs she takes. She is not ashamed about ending up in hospital and doesn't seem to care how all this is affecting her loved ones although she managed an apology to us and thanked us for helping. I'm shocked it wasn't the wake up call she needs. She's told me not to tell her support worker or she'll be kicked out of there because it is supposed to be a drug -free house [the paramedic told me he'd been to that place a few times!] I asked the hospital to notify her 'landlord' but they can't. They said their job is to patch them up, knowing that they'll end up being rushed back in the following week etc... Whenever I try to talk some sense in my daughter she tells me to back off or she'll stop seeing me and telling me anything. She doesn't think she has a problem. My son can stop some dealers selling to her, but of course she can get stuff through her 'mates'. Everyone tells me that I can't do anything to force her to stop or get her into rehab unless she wants to. She is not eating or drinking properly, stays up for days on end unable to sleep and spends virtually all her money on drugs. She is just about managing to hold down her evening part-time job but has taken lots of days off. She was going to go for counselling on the advice of her support worker and i was going to go too, but now she's decided she doesn't need that and can sort herself out her own way. What can I do? Do I get angry with her, call the police on her [not that i think they'd do much] grass on her to her support worker or just let her get on with it and be here if she needs me. Any sound advice appreciated. Thank you and good luck to all who manage to get clean.
well, i am sitting here coming down of a cocaine high, i read every single one of gor's entries and i feel disgusted with myself. I started out like everyone else, just did it for fun, just did it for the kicks. I used to sell drugs for the excitement and money, and then i started using for the simple satisfaction of its use. I have ruined my life, i am a loser, i realize i have fucked up pretty bad. I read his story, and i have found some hope for myself that maybe i can start to get my life in the right direction. Drugs have made me a bad person, what is worse is that i let drugs control what i say and do, i have hurt a lot of people for no reason, i have hurt my family and friends more than i know, i am weak and cannot control the way i act anymore. i am an addict, i am addicted to my lifestyle of self destruction, i am 18 years old and am going no where in my life because of my drug use. I started off just smoking for fun, hell pot wasnt a gateway drug right? wrong, i started selling pot, started taking harder drugs and selling them too. eventually my drug of choice became extacy and cocaine, i am now a cocaine addict. I am a skeleton of my former self, i have pushed myself away from everyone that loves me, and i hate myself for it. Gor you are a true inspiration. I will hopefully start to combat my destructive self. addiction is not a joke, i thought i could always say no, and now i watch my friends self destruct and become losers, and i am half dead, feeling no joy in life without drugs. this is no way to live life, i want to end it soo bad. i cannot contain the monster i have become.
John (U.K)
Stop kids, before it's to late! I'm 53 years old and I'm soon to be going to Thailand to retire semi-permanently. At the age of fifty, with a succesful career and a Masters Degree, I became addicted to 'Crack'. After six months I'd spent 20k, (1.3 million bahts) and my career and life was in shreds. Believe you me kids, don't ever think taking drugs is a 'laugh' and that you can come off them whenever you want to - it doesn't work that way! After three years I'm now 'clean', without Rehab, but my God it's been such a hard time with terrible experiences. PLEASE LISTEN - DON'T EVEN START!
I'm thankful to God fo helping you throug this terrible time. Hang in there and believe in God. The other girl said that a "high power" is watching you well that high power is God and I'm not afraid or ashamed to say his name because he died so that we could live and have eternal life. The next step is to give your life to Jesus he's the only one that can help us in hard times. God bless you!
We started a U-CAN (United Christions Against Narcotics) in Rustenburg. We show the kids the gory pics what drugs can do to you and its working!!!!!!!!
You are looking for excuses to take drugs. Get rid of you druggy friends and you will see things going better for you. Pull yourself together you are still a child. Start thinking about someone other then yourself. LEA-ANN SA
i never under stood y any 1 used drugs then at 37 years old i met a bloke i fel so in love with and thought lovrd me well obviouly he didnt im hoocked on crack now for about 4 years and desperate to quit i know i have to get him out my life to stop and i know i can do it with out him as i have done twice while he has been in prison he says he wants to stop but as soon as he has money he brings crack home with him knowing i wont say no and in my head i know i should say no but i cant and i cant get rid of him i dont know why its like he got a hold on me or something u young kids out there just belive me if someone is saying they love u and want the same as u but never try weather drugs or anything els dont stay with them let them prove from a distance and u wont end up a waiste of space like me funny thing is i relly hate my partner now i hang on to the hope it will all go back to normall and deep dowm i know it wont
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