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Someone help!!!
I jus wanted to tell my story.
1st of all I am only 16 and about 2 years ago my mother started to use coke n she changed ... from the loving mother that she used to b to the person who would do anything to get high and eventually it got 2 out of hand. I hav 2 brother one older and one younger n my older brother would hav people over the house everyday bc my mother wasn\'t there n everyone wuld jus drink and smoke. I couldn\'t take it no more until one day my house got raided bc all of the traffic going in aand out of the house. My mother lost her job n her car n her house n til this day she still doesn\'t hav anything. Her and my lil brother are living in a dirty house with old friends with 5 kids. My older brother is with my aunt n I am with my boyfriend and his mother,brother,and grandmother.
This is were my story begins..
My boyfriend and ihav bin together 2 years and he has always bin there for me n his family 2 and one of his friends has always loved to get high and do drugs.
When I was goin thro one of the most hard times b4 I moved with him he and I went on a break and during that break his friend got him to try HEROIN! He has never bin the one to get addicteed to anything...he can smoke ciggeretts for a couple weeks n jus put it down n never go back.
I knew I had a drug problem to bc my mother wuld get perrscription oxycodones and I wuld take em and do all of em and when I didn\'t hav pills I wuld go crazy to get hi. At the time I thought it was COOL!
Well I new what herion was bc one of my friends had sum and I tryed it ( always snif never shot up)
And wen I got back with my boyfriend he stopped using but then I moved in and I made him get me some and after a day it became a week n so on.... this was about 8 months ago wen I started.
I remeber him and his friend who got him into it tellin me that ill get addicted and I didn\'t really think I culd bc I didn\'t even no u culd go thru the withdrawl n I jus kept ddoing it until one day I saw I was spending what lil money I had jus for drugs .... my boyfriend had a car and a job so wen I didn\'t hav money he\'d get me it . N one day we decided to stop.
The withdrswl only after like 4 months was horrible and all I wanted was to get hig but we made it thru day 3 and his friends ( the one with a problem) came over with this other kid whose always had bad problems with drugs n they talked us into gettin some and we did n then kept doin it til jus 3 days ago ... in that time we\'ve tryed to quit but haven\'t gone all the way thru bc one of his friends wuld show up n get us herion.
Well after I saw that it was changin me and my body and my mind and my relationship with my boyfriend n I\'d spend every single buck I had to get drugs. It was no longer just to get high but to not go thru withdrawl

I was turning into my mother. Well I had enough and so has my boyfriend and this is our 3rd day of withdrawl and I think the worst is over and I jus can\'t wait to hav this over with n never go back .

I need support
Noone but my boyfriend and his friend and one of my friends know and I need someone to talk to .
My email
Somewhat same issue
It was clear that you began to open up as the reader would ask more questions kinda like this had been bothering you for quite some time but you just didn\'t want anyone to know. I think alot of people out there have drug addicts and they just need to get it off their chest and talk to someone about their problem.
i think i will helpp you canibal i add you becouse you have a same story with me a vill helpp you becouse i was in your situation 4 years before
wow Gor. i read ur diary and i am very proud of how much u have overcome. keep standing strong and changing the lives of others through your writing.
cannibal RR
and i forgat to tell you now i understud that i am adopted children my parents tell me and what about me nothing i felt bad for my self if someone can heelp me just let tryyy my email is

thnx from youu
cannibal RR
i was crack heroin until 2 months ago but now i am not well i was i rehab but nothing just blablla so i read all the things in your web site so i think you halp soo much drugg addict people so i will tell u my story until 9 th class i was the best in the school and family too but when i went to high school i chANGE the class and i meet some new friends who were drug addict but i stay with them 3 moths without touching anyy drug but when a had a problem with my family for the frien ds and they said me \"you are like you friends you can not go out of home\" and 1 week i stay at home and after t hat we go in e partyy i call my friends and i meet with a drug for the first time but i can not live the heroin for 6 months and when my family understud what i am doing they send me in one rehab centre in belgrade but my life is changed for 100% so i will say the people that use drugs please do not take them becouse you can take but the drug would take you much more now i like TO be like others but i can not becouse my body needs the heroin i can not live without taeking that shit i just want to say you :love you life do not be like me no one want to love you if you do not love yourself
Gor, your story was beautiful and true. The hardest part is realizing that one is in hell, but to escape one must accept the dissapointment of their loved ones.
I\'ve read all kinds of stories about drug addicts, but this is the first time I feel the story displaying factually in front of my eyes, as if it is happening to someone I know. As a teenager like you, I think that you are extremely lucky to have such understanding parents. God bless you, and remember to keep yourself extraneous to drugs.

from a touched reader,Tammy
i am a teenager addicted to cocaine. & your storys made me realize that i dont want to be doing this the rest of my life & they are helping me get the courage to tell my mom & get the help i really need.
leah j
well i would just like to say i ave been taking crack cocaine for a while now and ive only just realised if i dont stop now then i never will and then either be a herroin addict or be dead
my name is andrew I found about what hapen to you so I just want to say I will stop somking to day.
heya my names eimear n i was inspired by ur stry!
i live in dublin wer iv grown up wiv drugs all my live! my brother was addicted ta heroine wich is a drug u inject in2 ur system causing u ta hilusinate n is sooooooo adictive! e strted at d age iof 13 n was clean 4years and died in febuary dis year! e was 27 n is missed terribly! one slip up took away his life plz nybody ou der... if u try ta get of drugs u can! u jst gota bliev in urself! tnx 4 ur inspiration.. n ur time! xx
Wayne, Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa

I am left gob-smacked by your story. Your story is an inspiration to me and millions of people out in the world. I loved the fact that you said if you think it you can be it... that is so very true!!

If nothing else your story showed me how to deal with someone close to me who is also battling with an amphetamine addiction. I hope he is as strong and successful as you in fighting this battle!

Gor, how are you doing today? Are you still off drugs? Are you happy and healthy?

Peace, love...



jebo te ovo nije istina, upušena marvo nabijen vas na ledo štapić
Tierra Love
HI i am a senior at my high school and i am doing a project on parental substance abuse and was wondering if you are a teen who decided to abuse substances whether it was alcohol, cocaine, etc because you were introduced to it by your parents can you please contact me at This is really important to me if you can contact me before Friday, October 12, 2007 it would be really appreciated. Thank you for your time
i am 13 and i take cocaine a lot i want to stop but i cant resist i love the buzz too much. what should i do i need help!!!!!!!
im a cocaine addict. i see myself when u talk about your stories and wish i can do something about it. ive seen myself do things like stealing and and screwing thigns up with my family. theydont really trust me anymore and i see how my friends really werent good influences. im slowly getting off of it through family support. and trying to stay busy. your have inspired me maybe i cant do something good and quit thank u
Maria G.
wow! your stories have touched me in every way. My boyfriend of 2years is a heroin addict and he has been to 5 rehab progarms and never worked. Now he has been inside a correctional facility for a month. this the first time since i known him(10years)that he sounds optimistic about his drug problem. he has finally realised the demeage he has caused me and his family. i pray to god every night, hoping that when he comes out(Sep 26, 2007)everything will change. thank you so much for posting your stories, they are touching peoples haerts()>-\'-
a person in the shawdows
I dont take drugs but my Parents do and every once in a while ill see them doing it and it makes me so sad cause I feel they love that more than me.
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